New Website, Writers Welcome

Hello everyone!

So I have not been on this blog in a while. I’m sure you’ve heard a million times that 2020 has been a major hassle, inconvenience, or a traumatic experience for people. My life is no different. What I have done in the midst of COVID smoke is create my own website, Highest Caliber Writers,

Sometimes it’s hard for an artist or writer to get their work noticed. The purpose of this website to create a hub for writers showcase their work and projects for new audiences. By getting more writers to showcase their work on the site, I’m hoping to blend different audiences together for the writers to get a chance to grow their brand and be noticed. 

I’m looking for artists and writers that may have books, poetry, merch, music, videos, and anything else that requires writing that they are trying to sell or showcase. There’s also have a blog for the writers to showcase individual pieces of work for audiences to enjoy for free. 

Check out the website and writers are more than welcome to contact me from the site to get their work on the website!

I may not be posting on this blog as much, but I will be over at

Thank you for those who have been keeping up with the blog. I highly appreciate it.

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