Slow Down.

She told me to slow down. The best advice I may never take.

My life is a race with no debate of who’s in place.

I stare my future in the face as I’m running from my disgrace.

But my heart is beating hard and I’m struggling to keep the pace.

Too many plates in my hand; I want it all.

But when I walk I have my feet in the sand; I’m about to fall.

Heavy is the burden that I have on back.

But still, I want more, so these problems I stack.

Self-destruction is my motto. Overwhelmed is my name.

I could hit the lotto and still be playing the game.

How much is enough? What’s the motive of motion?

I’m bringing in more commotion, this shit is changing my notions.

Slow down she says. What are you rushing things for?

I’m just used to having less so now I’m starving for more.

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