Life is short with no reply.

People tend to say that life is short and you should reconcile with your broken loved ones. But what happens when those loved ones don’t love you back?

What happens when your constant attempts at peace are thwarted by ego, insecurity, and stubbornness? When both sides have been wronged, but one side refuses to admit that they had a place in this broken connection?

Do I just miss someone that doesn’t miss me? Do I reminiscence instead of re-create?

Miss me in life or forget me in death. Decisions are being made. Questions are being answered. Colors are being shown. Maybe I loved the old you, but something has definitely changed.

I was once family, sworn in by your words. And now I’ve felt to be considered nothing but a paragraph in your life story, although I’ve been by your side when you couldn’t pick up the pen and write yourself.

I’m not sure what to do at this point. Love is not lost, but the connection is. So what do I do with love and no connection?

Life is short to no reply. Leave me on read in life. Leave me on read in death.

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