I’m beginning to think..

I’m beginning to feel like love is not a matter of fate. Neither is it an automated process or something that just, “happens.”

Love is just as much work as building a business or perfecting a skill. Love is a path that many do not have the patience to cross. Love is something that may even have to be forced like a cork in a wine bottle.

I’m beginning to think love is an illusion. If I see a married couple, parents and children, friends, etc., I cannot assume it is love.

Love is not as easily spotted as we think. Love is not in our social media numbers. Love is not that bar at 1AM. Love is not in the bed you woke up in this morning.

We search for love as if it’s long-lasting, but it seems to wear out just as much as lust.

I’m just confused. What exactly is love? Is love the hero we have come to adore or the anti-hero that only exists for its own benefits.

I’m beginning to think that hope in love is hopeless. Or maybe it’s just me.

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