The Heart

Staring through the views of green,

I’m seeing nothing but blurry scenes of trees and I’m thinking like what you mean?

Losing your mind over this stuff you cant control,

Draining you of your soul, keep your eyes on the road.

Don’t look at what they’re doing, they ain’t you,

You know what can do.

So why you thinking blue,

When you know that you are the truth?

Everything you been doing until now is still proof.

You’ve proved yourself a soldier, pushing it since your youth.

Doubting, steady pouting about you losing your options.

Desperately wanting profit and walking with empty pockets.

Not looking at the future you’ve been building for yourself.

Near-sighted vision, so you think there’s nothing left.

Well fuck that, you’re a beast and nothing’s stopping your flow.

You’ve setup the stage, and now you’re stopping the show?

Snap out of it! I know you hear me, I know you feel me,

Just know that I love you dearly, this is not the voice of siri.

It’s not the voice of reason, an angel, or even Jesus.

Been trying to save your soul since I seen it break into pieces..

I watched it fall to the floor with every L you took,

If losing was a paragraph, you probably could of sold a book.

But they’re looking up to you like inspire them all!

And the loneliness attacks in these four corner walls.

They don’t know what’s in your head except for me.

I’m trying to you motivate you man, go be all you can be.

And next time you lose your mind just know I’m here for the cause,

And I will never let you quit, until I give you a pause, I’m your heart…

So when do we start…

I refuse to let you part…


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