Beat the ‘Beetus

About a month ago, I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. All the days of mac n’ cheese and nachos finally caught up with me. Cheese was my stress food and fast food was my vice. I was working out an average of  2-3 days a week, but my eating habits was and still is kind of a disaster. I opted for convenience and not health. My body has finally had enough.

Carpal tunnel, in and out blurry vision, weakness, and low energy was all the signs I took for granted.

Feeling discouraged, but not defeated, I had to pick myself back up and work harder for my health and life. Luckily, it can be prevented with healthier eating and more exercise. I have to workout more of course, but the biggest change that must be done is my eating habits. More veggies and leafy greens, less fried foods and carbs.

Luckily, it can be prevented with healthier eating and more exercise. I’ve been slowly improving my health since then by making more active transportation decisions, incorporating salads and greens into my life a bit more, and making exercise a daily priority, but it’s still very hard to break bad habits. I still crave fast food, pizza, nachos, mac ‘n cheese, ice cream, and more. Sometimes I need a little encouragement.

That’s why I created this graphic T-Shirt and more below for people who may be struggling and for those who want to support their loved ones or in general in beating something that is effecting more people than we care to admit. My journey has just begun, but it will be a journey to complete, and I hope the same for everyone that can relate. I’m going to Beat The ‘Beetus!

Click here for Beat the ‘Beetus Gear

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