Your life is a book. Control the Story.

The clichè phrase is, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” But we don’t even get that chance with our own book. We have to read our lives, because it’s our story; and sometimes we feel like we can’t change our story.

Thinking past things like religion, politics, science, etc, we tend to feel like the pen is taken away from us in certain chapters of our lives. But we can take the pen back. We can control our story. All it takes is a bit of push and a certain mindset.

Chapters are just chapters. They are never the full story.

Sometimes we feel like a chapter is never ending and it may be our entire story. The only story that people will know and remember. That is not true. Your story is full of chapters that have already been written and many that you have yet to explore. Don’t focus so much on your current chapter because it may seem permanent now. Time heals. Things change. Adaptation is a human element.

Sometimes the worst chapters make the best stories.

Were you ever truly inspired by a story with no challenges, obstacles, or pitfalls? Likely not! You may feel like you’re in the worst chapter of your life, and who knows, you may be! But that just means that it will get better. And when people read your story, they will appreciate the triumph you’ve accomplished from one chapter to another. Learn from your worst chapters and the next ones as glorious as possible.

You may not get to decide some chapters, but you do get to decide the whole story.

Remember those goosebumps books where you choose different paths and flipped a page to see your fate? I used to love those books. When I flipped the page and found I died or something stupid happened like I was bitten by toys or something (goosebumps was weird), I would never just close the book and never read it again. I would go back to where I was and change the damn story! This is exactly what you can do with your own story. You may not be able to change or control unforeseen instances in your life, but what matters is how you bounce back from them. What matters is you know that you can decide how your story will end.

Don’t get stuck in one part of your life. Think about your life as a whole. Your achievements, your struggles, your upbringing, your peers, and so much more contribute to your story. But the main thing that controls the story is YOU. The other things are just factors. Make the readers of your book know that you have emerged victorious in your eyes by the last page. This is your story and no one else’s.

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