Someone please share love’s location.

Will someone share with me love’s location?

I can’t find this woman anywhere.

I’ve checked bars, tea shops, the internet, the library, hell, I even check Popeyes from time to time. Every where I go, I keep an eye out for love.

I haven’t spoken to love since 2016. I mean, she doesn’t return my calls, she moves addresses at least once a year, and I could never seem to get a grip on how she’s feeling.

Those that found love never seem to know where love is for me. I just need one person to share love’s location for me.

I need to prove to love that I’m worthy, but how can I shine in love if I can never find her?

Maybe I’m not looking hard enough? Maybe I’m not supposed to find her? I’m so confused and lost. I wonder if love is as lost as I am. Am I the only one truly confused about love’s location?

Everyday I struggle to strive for and promote personal growth. But sometimes I feel that I can’t truly grow until I find her.

So someone, please, share with me love’s location. I’m sure she has an iPhone. I heard that people write about her and tell other people stories about where they located love.

By the way, usually when I thought I’ve found love, its some kind of weird jackass in a love costume pretending to be love and spreading toxic gas every time I get too close. Piece of shit. Anyway.

I have gas money. I can get a plane ticket. Do I need a passport? Just somebody, anybody, tell me. Where is love? I must find her.

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